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Owner. Brief Description. Picture.
Andy Spindle drive scooter, using a bolt on mounting plate.
Very simple spindle drive system with an aluminium plate for mount.

Similar in design to Tzi's first scooter. Uses a similar model motor.
Has 12in kids bike wheels, and is chain drive.
bss808 4 inches of suspension travel, front and back...and any motor you desire. What more could you want?
Another simple design, spindle driven on a kids frame scooter
Cameron and Jimbo
Nice scooter with a foot pedal clutch to lift the spindle off the wheel.
Carlo & Jon

Description ...
Casey New scooter...
Sometimes, the motor is bigger than the scooter. I guess this is one of those times. ;)
Cheep Thrills

Description ...

Description ...
Clinton Very well built modular design that looks the part.


Simple but effective... The motor is mounted without any welding.


A kids scooter frame with a very well mounted big engine
Craig Chainsaw driven 12in scooter.
spindle drive scooter with a custom seat added.
Dan P
nicely built frame with a chain drive set up using a chainsaw motor.
Demonboard A skateboarder with a need for speed...
The drive train on this board is very well built, although brakes could be good.
The latest incarnation of the demonboard.
well designed custom built frame, very big motor with belt drive
Eric Yet another B-I-G motor scooter.
Very well designed.

Description ...(scooter-bike thing ;)

Description ...
Gabe Chainsaw drive with a jackshaft.
Simple 12in scooter with a pretty funky looking motor.
Gangsta Nab Racing Concept Scooter A good example of using a chainsaw as a direct drive onto the tyre.
Gangsta Nab Racing Concept Scooter 2
The second incarnation of the GNR scooters

Description ...
Growlbear This scooter has 3 gears and uses a jackshaft also extremely well designed and thoroughly tested.


A chain driven micro with a very nicely mounted motor
Classy 16in scooter with a reduction gearbox
New inovation in scooter design!!!
J-Money Chain drive 12in scooter, with a rather short wheelbase.
James Probably the first ever chainsaw based Spindle-drive scooter.
Very well thought out.
Jared Yet another bare basics scooter, using a bolt on mounting plate. Simple but effective.
Briggs & Stratton 5.5hp intek OHV on a 12in scooter.


A custom built scooter made from off the shelf parts, very stylish.


Well thought out uses a moped drive system with a primary belt drive.

Description ...


Custom frame with a big back tyre and chain drive system, very well built.
Jet Scooter Jet powered go-ped...
Modified, not built, but I think it still qualifies to be here!
Jim Off road scooter with B-I-G wheels and a B-I-G motor.
In short....its B-I-G.
Johannes A modified Chariot scooter. A work in progress.
Josh This scooter has traveled from Australia to Hawaii...

Josh W

Another motorised micro scooter, spindle driven with the motor mounted on the side.
An example of using a chainsaw with a spindle.

Description ...


A mix between a bike and a scooter, belt driven, well thought out.


Chain driven scooter, kids frame with part of the motor support bolted on.
A chain drive scooter for longer trips, perfect for jaunts to the corner store

Description ...
Lizzie-Jo Great example of a manual clutch on a spindle drive.
12in spindle drive... work in progress.
Mikes Mad Machine Nicely designed scooter with a large 4hp motor.


Great looking scooter, chain drive with disc brakes. Nice and safe.
Mercy Interesting looking motor mounted on a razor style scooter.

Michael E

Kids scooter with a huge laser cut sprocket on the back

Michael R

Custom frame with chain drive and a thumb throttle.
Michael O
Ideas in progress

Modified Mozzie

Bought scooter with custom air filter and a plan for nitrous.
Mr Minibike A very simple, but effective, spindle drive scooter

Mr Owl

Spindle driven scooter on a kids scooter frame, still working on mount.
mr_t Why build a drive system when someone has already done it?
A Honda spree motor and gearbox merged with a push scooter.
Neil A project in the making that promises to show us something different about how to get the right gearing.

next screamer

Nicely built with a simple spindle drive mount.


Scooter with spindle drive, simple.
Chainsaw driven, chain drive scooter

Description ...


Chain driven scooter with homebuilt pipe.

Description ...
An awesome little project in the making...
rc_insanity 3-speed, 16in, chainsaw driven scooter.
Robbie 12in spindle drive scooter

Rocket Bob

Very well designed chain drive using an aluminium mount.
Rom Looks like a dragster with its Go-kart slik and H-U-G-E motor.
ryan A NEXT scooter with a 5:1 gearbox and a wooden deck... very sylish.
Simon In a word... Weird.
Smallz Nicely presented chainsaw driven scooter. Very tidy

Description ...
Speed_racer Why buy a go-ped when you can buy a know-ped and put your own motor on it?
Electric scooter retrofitted with a petrol motor...
Stan Puffy Off-road tyres and a big edger motor.
Steve Not really a scooter, but for the amount of effort put into building this little custom beast, I think it deserves a mention.
The Swedish Surprise
It amazing what some people can accomplish on a budget...
But this thing look seriously dodgy. ;-)
Tim 9in BIG wheels.
Its still being made.
Todd A scooter project...
watch for updates
The Trenorden's One of the few people to motorize a razor style scooter. Simple but effective.
Tzi's 1st scooter 12in nylon wheels, 22cc motor on an old Roadmaster scooter.
Tzi 2nd scooter 10in BIG wheels, original 22cc motor on a custom frame.
Tzi 3rd scooter 17cc wipper snipper motor running through an angle grinder gearbox on a Razor style scooter
Its half Big Foot (GoPed) half Runt bike. Need I say more??


knowped frame with chainsaw spindle drive and a homemade deck
Simple but effective design with a chainsaw and a foldup scooter.
Weezil Chain drive JD BUG --Awesome!


Amazing scooter with nitrous oxide and a big motor, also notice the wheelie bar.
XL A different way to reinforce a plastic wheel, for a sprocket, and another way to mount a spindle drive.
Zimma Push start, spindle drive scooter
unknown scooters Misc scooters that I dont know anything about.
A great example of a simple spindle drive setup.

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