Motor size: 35cc
Wheel size: 12inches
Frame type: bought
Drive type: Spindle
Ratio: inch and a half
Top Speed: 45kph

This is my minibike that has a 35cc Mcculloch chainsaw engine on it. I started this project quite awhile ago but have been working on it on and off. I got the bike from goodwill for 5 bucks. It used to be a rusty pink bike with 16 inch tires on it. I stripped all the stuff I didn't need off the bike and basically just kept the frame, forks, handlebars, and the stem (which needs to be replaced becuase it broke). I replace the 16inch wheels with new 12inch wheels and made up a mounting plate and got everything working. I stripped the old chipped, fadded paint of the bike with paint stripper and sanded all the rust which was a way bigger job then I first thought it would be. Then paint is grabber green which makes it really stand out. I put on a banana seat with a sissy bar to give it a little custom look and provide more leg room. The bike still needs some paint touch-ups, the throttle cable hooked up and maybe brakes but my feet work fine for now.

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