unique design

Motor size: 33cc
Wheel size: 12inches
Frame type: baught for $10
Drive type: Chain Drive
Ratio: 10.222:1
Top Speed: 60+kph

this scooter was a school project for my year 12 systems class which with help from some friends and family came together nicely. also i havent seen any other scooter with a design qiute like mine. the engine mount is two rear bike forks and a 5mm steel plate welded on top and the space between the Y shape in the forks covered with some steel cut to size and welded btu the unique part is the clutch and driven sprocket setup instead of replacing the normal sprocket on the chainsaw (behind the clutch bell) i welded a tube over that to extend it adn then made a cover for it with the driven sprocket (9 teeth) welded to it and a bolt running through the sprocket to a horizontol plate with a bearing in it. and the method of tightening the chain being the simple raising it on bolts.

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