twisted metal

Motor size: idkcc
Wheel size: 14inches
Frame type: bought
Drive type: Chain Drive
Ratio: idk
Top Speed: 43mph

my name is nick and im 13. i got a little 2 stroke snowblower from a garage sale and took it out then i decide to make a motor scooter. I took a bike sprocket and bolted it to the back wheel. then i tried to mount the motor with wood and flimsy metal. It worked for a little while then it came loose and bent, so i decided to have someone fabricate a mount out of steel. had a friends dad mount a good sturdy mount. Now the motor does not move and i can go about 43 mph. i raced in a neighborhood race and only lost to the moped that was piped and went 50. The gearing is all top spped. the excelleration is not what i desired but if i change it i wont go as fast so im going to leave it. it goes up hills fine. im still trying to get the chain in perfect line with the sprocket but it not a major problem.

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