Motor size: 40cc
Wheel size: 10inches
Frame type: built
Drive type: Chain Drive
Ratio: 8:1
Top Speed: 40+kph

i finaly finished my scoot, its taken about a year from design to completion.

some specs of it are,

* 40cc 2 stroke kubota engine

* Chain drive with 3rd bearing support

* 78mm centrifical clutch (same as a gsr 40)

* custom machined drive trane

* fully suspended rear end with 900 pound DNM shock, with 3 adjustment positions

* checker plate deck

* twist grip throtle assembly

* tranz x hangas

* oversized goose neck

* Pro taper grips

* 10 inch wheels

* custom machined axles

* 6 to 48 chain drive

* custom machined sproket mounts

things to come: mounted cylindrical fuel tank on the stearing stem, power pipe, disc brakes,pod filter with v-stack (already have it just have to put it on), paint, possibly altering drive trane. also a bigger motor (already have it just have to mount it)

most of these photo's are out dated, i have vids if anyone whants to host them for me just send us an email.

so tell us what u think any comments welcome.
rate it if u like 1-10 10 being good.

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