Motor size: 127cc
Wheel size: 16inches
Frame type: Built
Drive type: Chain Drive
Ratio: 6 : 1
Top Speed: 30mph

The Frame was built from angle iron welded together to make square tubing. I used a small kids bike for the forks, headset and wheels. Engine is a 3 Hp briggs and stratton from an old water pump. The top speed is 30 mph going down a slight hill, 27 mph on flat and 24 mph going up a slight hill. All speeds where measured with a GPS and the scooter was driven on a paved road. It is underpowered when driving offroad and needs to be geared slightly lower. The rear sprocket has 72 teeth and the clutch has 12 teeth. I'm thinking of changing the clutch sprocket to 10 or 9 tooth for either a 7.2:1 or 8:1 ratio.

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