Motor size: 316cc
Wheel size: 4.80X8inches
Frame type: built
Drive type: Gearbox
Top Speed: 45mph

Engine: 8hp Briggs and Stratton (316cc`s, side valves, only 8hp@3600rpm max) came from a rototiller.

Transmission: 3speed + reverse. centrifugal clutch. (this means you have to be at idle before you shift) Heavy straight cut gears, grease filled, came from a garden tractor.

Frame: Kids push scooter in the front, 1 1/4" square tubing for the rest, except for the upper part which is 3/4"pipe under the tank and 1" conduit between the seat and rear axle. Biggest bicycle seat I could find.

Wheelbarrow rims, 4.00X8 trailer tires. minibike front brake, "external band" rear brake. (V6 Chevrolet water pump pulley used for the rear drum) boat trailer fenders, and an old Yamaha dirt bike gas tank..........


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