rory reed

Motor size: 16cc
Wheel size: 16inches
Frame type: Built
Drive type: Spindle
Ratio: The spindle is about 2 inch round
Top Speed: 40kph

Hey im Rory Reed um i built the scooter my self exsep the frame im 14 its a 2 stroke motor and its direct drive
it has no cluch i built the braket the braket is welded to the frame and then the motor bolts onto the braket it does about 40k It runs nice and smoot it has 16" wheels and the shaft is a pice of pipe with a bolt welded into the end of the pipe and srews onto the crank shaft its then has weld lines up the spindal it doesnt slip or any thing it gets about 2 or 3k out of a tank and yeah thats my scooter if any one wants to know any more about it or wants more photos just give me a yell on msn (

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