Motor size: 163cc
Wheel size: 14inches
Frame type: Made From Scratch
Drive type: Other
Ratio: 9.5:1
Top Speed: 50kph

Well, where to start?

My name is Mark im 15 years old and i made this scooter just out of bordem. I have my own workshop with a lathe, welder, mill etc. and this is the end product after countless weekends in my shed.

The WHOLE scooter is homemade except the engine and fluid drive. The engine is a typical Honda 5.5 HP engine of a generator i pulled apart and the fluid drive is of a 30 year old washing machine (i have a 2nd drive sitting in the shed too :). The fluild drive works like a clutch but the thing is that it NEVER wears out - you just change the oil every 5 years (if that...)

The frame is made from norminal bore pipe (thin wall), the floor is checker plate and the sub frame is made of 1 inch water pipe. The brake is a simple as scrub brake that is activated via a pedal near floor plate. It has a thumb (ATV style) throttle and the wheels are of a wheel barrow. the Back is wider than the front becuase you need thin wheels to have half decent steering.

All the things were measured, cut, welded and machicined for me; by me. It has a final drive ratio of 9.5:1 and a top speed of 50km/h, and more down hills (By the way, that is 50km/h up a slight hill too). It has loads of power and bucket loads of torque. It can take me (220 pounds) up hills greater than a 40 degree incline and over any bumps or rocks in the paddock.

The rest you can work out from looking at the pictures :P

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