Motor size: 31cc
Wheel size: 12.5inches
Frame type: Bought
Drive type: Spindle
Ratio: 1.6 Inches
Top Speed: kph

Hello, my name is Cameron. And here is the description of my scooter......The pics will come seperatly!!!!!all titled "Cameron scooter pic"

I am Cameron from Queensland, Australia. I first became interested in making a motorized scooter when I saw Tzi's scooter world. I first wanted to make a chain drive scooter but lack of equipment (welder, large gears etc) couldn't be done. So after looking at Tzi's scooter world for a few weeks, Dad and I decided on making a friction drive scooter.

I got the scooter from a mate at school (thanks Scott). The engine is a 31cc Weedwacker that we got from the paper for a good price. The spindle is a bike peg with heat shrink around it to stop tyre wear. We got the brackets from the local warehouse, and we bolted the bracket to the frame (no welding was used on this scooter).

MOTOR- 31cc Ryobi weedwacker

WHEEL SIZE- 12.5 inch wheels and tyres

SCOOTER TYPE- Maui and Sons 12.5 inch scooter

DRIVE TYPE- spindle driven/friction drive

SPINDLE SIZE- 4cm/1.6 inches diameter

My scooter works perfectly!! It was built without a clutch so all I do is push start and it dies when the scooter stops. I'm not sure of its top speed but it is a very zippy for me (don't want to go any faster on a 12 inch!!!) The scooter is very reliable and fun to ride.

Thanks to Tzi's scooter world for the inspiration, Thanks to Dad (couldn't have been made without him) and anyone else that helped make this scooter!!


-smaller spindle

-front and read brakes

-new tyres

-performance air filter

-and performance spark plug

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