Motor size: Unkowncc
Wheel size: Unknowninches
Frame type: Built
Drive type: Chain Drive
Ratio: 4.8:1
Top Speed: 30mph

hello there ,
my name is andrew purdy , and along with my good friend christian oscarsson we set our selves a challenge to built a motorized scooter\motorbike using mainly junk. We both live in sweden , although i am originally from england.
Well anyway i have enclosed some pictures of my machine which comprises of a 2 stroke boat engine, some cheap wheels from a local diy store and other off cuts of metal etc which i scrounged from a friends tractor repair company. The total build time was a little over 4 hours as you can probably see in the pictures but amazingly it works and has a top speed of 30mph.
There are no brakes and it uses the following parts....

moped chain and sprokets 10 tooth front and 48 rear
off cuts of various sizes of metal
2 cheap wheels
some old enduro plastics from a kx125
petrol tank came with boat engine

happy scootering

andrew and christian age 30 and 29

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