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  Tuning your scooter
Tuning the HP carb (Useful info for tuning any scooter motor)

  Scooter Manufacturers and Online Stores
Monster vs goped bigfoot
Martin Monster
Big Boy Scooters
Boxer scooter
Bss808 (full suspension scooter)
Ground Hog Scooters Screamer
Cool Sports, Self Propelling SURFING MEGA SCOOTER
Moped World
Buy Wholesale Club- Wholesale, Overstocks and Closeout Merchandise

  General Scooter Information
Knowped (Go-Ped without a motor)
How to make your own scooter frame
A place with info on modifying a Bigfoot for chainsaw.
Boss Performance scooter shop with lots of different brands scooter news group with message boards and chat like a really cool scooter without handlebars... check it out electric scooters etc

Information regarding the regulations of riding a scooter.
VicRoads Brochure: Motorised Bicycles and Motorised Foot Scooters

  Message Boards
Extreme message board (Discontinued)
Yahoo scooter group
Another message board for scooter stuff

  Cheap places to buy (anything)

  Buying parts to fix or build
Bee-Ting Manufacturing
VIZA spares and accessories
Go-ped spares and accessories

Most of these tricks are for Razor style scooters, but some can usualy be adapted for motorized use.
The trickmeister (its the biggest place to go for tricks)
Wizard Scooter

  Other Scooter websites
Jay Leibovitch

  Other stuff (here as part of a link exchange)

If you know of a site that you think should be here, then dont keep it to yourself.....Submit a link