Zimma's Scooter

This scooter is simple by design, with less hastles all round...
It has no rip start, and no clutch.
The motor has a 2cm diameter spindle attached straight off the motor shaft (no clutch) and this rests directly on the wheel
Having no zip-start and no clutch means that it is as simple as pushing the scooter along, to start it.....pretty nifty design, much like the modified go-ped.
The motor is mounted usuing a simple frame which bolts onto where the rear wheel is attached.
I has recently had a new fuel tank put on from a really old victor lawnmower and is about 1.5 litres in capacity.
Zimma says it looks pretty cool, and you'll just have to take his word for it, cos the pics I have are pre-coolness... :)
Zimma and his brother have recently finished scooter number 2. It is much more refined, but works on the same principle.
Top speed so far.......48.9 km/h.
Hopefully I'll have some more pics soon....