Weezil's Scooter

This scooter is the first motorized 'Razor style' I have actually seen photos of, although I am sure there would be more out there.
The photos were emailed to me a while ago with a little information.
So...here is what I know:
It is a JD BUG scooter with a 18cc Kawasaki brushcutter engine on it.
The ratio is 3:1 which does 38-40km/h on flat ground, which if you have ever ridden one of these down a hill you would know is seriously fast and very dodgy! But apparently it dies a bit going up hills. (oh...)
It has #80 chain on it (small pitch) so as to get the biggest ratio with the smallest sprockets. I have no idea of the number of teeth.

I tried to email the owner of this scooter, but no reply, so if you own this scooter....drop me an email at tziware@earthling.net

I finally got onto weezil, and this is what he had to say about his scooter...

As I recall, 12 teeth on the motor and 36 on the wheel.
Wheel size prevented a larger sprocket from being used.
100mm wheels need a gear reduction box or a jackshaft to work well.
8-10:1 is more apt for a Razor scooter for a few reasons... most notably their abhorrent handling.
My JDBug has a rudimentary front suspension but the rear is rigid. The motor mounts were frequently bent by repeated sidewalk joint jarring.

how does it go?
On a smooth surface like a carpark, it's flat out wicked fun. Speed humps and gravel are death, though.
If I do another scooter, it will have some means of being used off-road.

An 8-10 metre run-up will get it to 25km/h. I usually give a healthy push with the foot to save the clutch.

top speed?
The clutch was fully connected and the motor on the rev limit at 42km/h...
with a tailwind. A standing human has abysmal aerodynamics.

The scooter & other garbage are at