Tzi3's Scooter
This is my latest creation... A motorized, spindle driven Razor (clone) scooter with a gearbox reduction.
I used a head from an angle grinder for the gear reduction, which is 2.6:1
Overall ratio works out to be something like 8:1, which is pretty good for 4in wheels! :)
I have yet to test it, but it should have fairly good acceleration, I dont really care about top speed.

The first motor was a 17cc McCulloch wipper snipper, then changed to a motor from a Ryobi Grass Scorpion, about same cc's
Scooter is a Blade Shox (notice the HUGE suspension!)
Gearbox is from a vegie-brand angle grinder that someone threw away. (broken switch). 2.6:1
Spindle is 1in... I used the plate things that hold the grinding disc on.
This week, as you can see from the pictures, I have rebuilt the whole thing 2 times.
After completing it the first time, I discovered that the motor had no spark, so replaced it with a ryobi that was nearly new.

I took it for a test run today, and apart from the muffler falling off, it all went well.
Top speed appears to be close to 20km/h, but I am having problems with the spindle getting grip at the moment.
The acceleration is very good because of no clutch, and if I could get the spindle to grip properly on the wheel, then it would have more than enough grunt to pop wheelie's while going along.
I'm glad the new motor has a pull start that works becuase, being a realitively un-worn motor it still has huge compression, making it difficult to start.
Add this to the fact that it is running a gearbox and it becomes 2.6x more hard to start. Roll-start is out of the question!