Tzi's New Scooter

I recently decided to do some modifications to my scooter...mostly to the wheels and gearing.
When I started to look a bit more into what was needed to make this happen, the word 'rebuild' seemed more apt.

I decided that I would need to get close to 11:1 ratio to give the 'small' motor sufficient torque to be able to travel off road comfortably.
By off-road I mean, where there is no road. Some people think of off-road as being off-paved-road.

Currently my scooter travels at about 41km/h and is nowhere near reving out. It probably hits max speed at 3/4 revs.
What I am aiming for is the motor to rev out at about 35km/h, that way it has more power lower down, and less top speed (which it never reaches anyway!)
So, with my current gear ratio at 6.5:1 I suspect the new ratio of 11:1 will make a significant difference, but if it doesn't, it will be quite easy to go higher.
To achieve this ratio, without a larger wheel, I am going to use a jackshaft.
The jackshaft is the rod just below the motor where chains attach. It allows the use of 2 gear ratios, which multiply to form a larger ratio.
You can see what a jackshaft is, if you look at the back of Eric's scooter

So here are some pictures of what has been done so far.


The frame is wider on the right around the wheel than it is on the left, so even with the brake and sprocket, the rear wheel stays in line with the front wheel.
The front wheel is going to be the same as the rear when it is all completed, but for now it will just be the 12in off the existing scooter.

NEW!!! -- tuned pipe...
Now it does dounuts and goes more than 45km/h. Notice the "not for highway use" label on the tyre!
It sounds really cool too, but its being a pain in the neck to tune right.
Thats it for now........

Stay tuned for more.....