Steves Bike

Now, I know this isn't a scooter, which is rather unorthidox for a page that is all about scooters but I thought that it deserved a mention anyway.
After having a friend talk about this bike for ages, I finally went to his place and he took me around to see it.
It is just amazing. The workmanship on this bike is incredible.
It has an old 98cc go-kart motor which powers the bike along at speed in excess of 90km/h.
With a 10 tooth clutch and a 72 tooth rear sprocket, the gear ratio is 7.2:1
The rear wheel is a 15 x 6.06 off a ride-on lawnmower, and the front a 20in BMX wheel.
The exhaust system includes an aluminium expansion chamber, stainless steel pipe, and a hidden muffler. (ooh shiny!)
On the day I went to see this little beastie, the pull cord pulled out just as it kicked over, and as Steve rode it off down the drive, it stalled. *bummer*
But, although I didnt really get to see it going, it was still really cool anyway!