SmiKiD's Scooter

Motor size/type
Mitsubishi 2 stroke = ??cc (23-40 unsure) Cost $24 AUS from an auction.

Wheel Size
16" plastic ‘tuff’ wheels

Scooter type(bought/made)
Second-hand from a junkyard for $10. New tyre and tube, brake pads and cables etc cost about $40

Drive type (spindle/chain/other)
Spindle drive: brass machined by an engineer for $40

Drive ratio (sprocket sizes or spindle size)
31mm spindle / 40 cm OD wheel = 13:1

It has an electronic speedo that has too big a minimum wheel diameter 130-cm, the actual wheel is 125 cm, so I take off 1 k from the readout speed. The estimated top speed so far was 40 kph down a hill near the beach. Thumb lever for the accelerator. It has normal calliper brakes but also has mountain bike brake pads. It takes a bit to stop.

I stretched the clutch spring to allow for better clutch engagement, but now it seems fully engaged always so requires a push start. I replaced the plastic footboard with an aluminium checkerplate on the floor of the scooter.

All in all I think I need a new air cleaner. Total cost so far $115

Next, sprockets, chains and a Shimano 3 speed and reduction gearbox on the scoot. Attached are shots of stuff I'll use in the future projects.

Also in the pipeline are a couple of go-karts, a big one and a little one. I scored a little kart from a neighbour so I'll look to put one of the little motors on it. I foung a big frame for $50 and might get it for one of the big motors.

Keep an eye out!