Q-Scoot's Scooter

Heres a few pics of my project in the PRE build phase!

90% of the peices are done...
all thats left is drilling, fitting, and to weld ...!

Here goes !

#1 the Motor a 2 stroke Huskvarn1 32cc.

Frome a brush cutter got it for 80.00$ canadian

The simple motor mounting plate!

2.50$ worth of steel 3/16" thick 3 1/2 " by 5 1/2"

Here are my wheels 2 12" BMX junior hecey duty spokes...

and a few accesories..
a cats eye speedometer..
also in this pic you see my disk break and the red thingy is the caliper..

Here are a few #25 geers i have...

88 tooth
80 tooth
72 tooth already mounted on the rear wheel
9 tooth mounted on clutch assembly
10 tooth
and a 12 tooth

Heres my frame pivot point...i needed this so the scooter would fit in the trunk of my car...
total length of the finisher scoooter is 4 feet.

Same thing but folded!

I'm thinking of passing all the controle cables INSIDE the frame...
any idea..has any one done this...?

This scooter is my first all from scratch build.
so you could call it a prototype!

once this one is done i'll probably rebuild the frame in aluminium.

the cost of this frame is about 30.00$ in steel!
the motor cost me 80.00$

wheels 36.00$
disk break with hub 150.00$
gears 22.00$
#25 chain 12.00$
and 60.00$ for a custom peice to fit the rear gear to the hub.

total! for now...about 400.00$ canadian

not counting the hours and welding... got my self a small mig machine for 150.00$ used!