Peter's Bike

I just finished doing a simple engine mod on a Poulan Pro Edge
PE 3500 24cc "Hemi Powered" edger

Bought the edger for $77 Canadian (refurbished)

Took off the shaft and blade,

took off the cutter head.

Cut the first 3 inches off the shaft(with the housing grove) and cut a square piece of steel barstock one inch longer.(filed to fit)

Re-assembled the engine with the short tube and drive shaft.

Drilled a couple steel cups to act as a spindle and bolted them on.
(will replace with a steel end cap for a gaspipe)

next I shaved off a couple plastic ridges off the back of the engine and bolted one half of a hinge (big gate hinge)on with slightly longer bolts.
The engine has a plastic shroud all around it and it was a bit tricky to find a solid point to bolt onto....the other half of the hinge lays along the side of the engine.

the whole rig hangs off the side of my mountain bike's rear carrier behind the seat. and can get me around 22 kph +..I pedal to get going and then I let the engine take over.

tension is from 4 bungee cords that go around the shaft and clip onto the bike.

I put it on the bike cause I don't have a scooter...kinda hard to find a nice one for cheap, Later I will put it on a scooter but for now I'm working the bugs out on the bike.