Mr Minibike's motorized scooter
The information on this page is off Mr minibikes site (with permission)

You can motorize a bike or a scooter
by using a design similar to the design
I use on this "Mongoose" scooter.
Look around for one of these
Tecumseh 1.5hp edgers
Model TC200
I find them for about $20 each
This one comes with the same style
motor, so it'll work just the same.
Unbolt the motor after removing the blade and this is what it should look like.
find some solid stock aluminum( round ) and have someone chuck it in a lathe and drill a 3/8 hole all the way through the center and chop off the width you want,
( I use a 2 inch wide piece )
Find a 3/8 fine thread bolt long enough to go through your chopped off piece and into the end of the crankshaft and thread it in and tighten it.
You can use the edgers motor mounting plate by using a hacksaw and cutting off an L shaped piece and sticking the motor back in from the opposite direction that it was.
If you use part of the original
motor mount, it will need a brace.
As you can see, I use a large hinge and
spring load it, then I mount the motor on it
so that it lifts and drops onto the rear tire.
Push down with foot to go.
The same technique can be used to motorise a bike.
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