mark's Scooter
I bought a DX and found no aftermarket filter so I made my own for $5
pics are at Yahoo! Clubs mosquitoscooters
I gutted the stock air box and stuffed it with an amsoil maximum performance filter and drilled the cover!
Amsoil filters flow air like K&n but stop dirt like paper filters.

My future plan is to get a whipping cream dispensor NOS setup for pulling wheelies at ther push of a botton.
mosquito 24CC DX
ported exhaust
expansion pipe port matched
HI/PO speed sprocket
Amsoil maximum performance 2 stage air filter.
I also drilled holes in the engine cover to help it breathe.
The int & exh gaskets were blocking airflow through the head finns so I trimmed them.
20mph stock now 30mph and dangerous
I attached a pic of my modified air cleaner and swiss cheesed engine cover on my DX.