Mercy's Scooter

After visiting Tzi's Scooterworld, Mercy was inspired to build a scooter of his own and in under a day, had it together.
He chose to use the small 100mm wheel types (Razor style) for casual street cruising.
It's not finished yet though because when he was attaching the fuel line to the carb, the little nipple on the carb broke (Bummer!) and it turns out that its part of the whole carb, which consequently, needs to be replaced.
The engine is a Weedeater XR-25 without any covers, so it looks cool.
He didnt even have to build any brackets to mount it on, except for an adjustment thing to choose the tension between the spindle and the tire.
I am unsire of the size of this engine, however, I will endevour to find out.