Martin's Scooter
This is my scooter its not finished yet but its well on its way ....
The motor is a Robin whipper snipper motor 14.9 cc the wheels are 10 dollar replacement trolley wheels I had to make hubs and Axles for these, the ratio is 6.3 :1... 57x9
The forks are a pair of stuffed mountain bike forks I cut down
I picked up another motor the other day a tanaka whipper 24 cc it was jammed but I soon got it going I haven't started it yet..
If the 15 cc motor doesn't work well enough the clutch and mount is the same lucky can you be.

"Further Work .....what's that you say my good man ???? is that a carbon fibre steering column...... oh yes !!!"

the steering column is a top tube off a trek road bike
chain is 3/8 machine chain

Ok so you get this thing going but how the far out do you stop it ?
Well I started out wanting to use a MTB Disc brake but the hub I made for the back was the wrong size , not enough material to bolt I made one.
I had a piece of titanium sheet 2mm thick from a job long ago (bio engineering) so I machined that up. works great and pulls her up really nice and smooth.
You can lock the rear wheel if you need to do any tricks or showing off.

If the motor is too pathetic I will get one of those Honda GX22 or GX 31 four stroke. the bolt pattern is the same as the one I have now,
It should just bolt straight on (heard that before huh?)›It will be far more reliable and wacks out 1-1.5 hp respectively for about $300-$350 Aud.

Took the scooter for a burn the other day !!!
well good and bad came out of that, I have learned that the 15cc motor is a little under power and that the 9x57 6.3:1 is not really going to do the job!
So I made a 72 tooth chain ring that gives me 8:1 about 25 % more rpm at the motor might be able to sneak into the torque curve now.

The chainring was a bit of fun to make. I have never made a chainring on a manual milling machine it took about 2.1/2 hours›and hell I know how to do it now !!