I pulled this guy over while he was riding down the street, and I've finally found the info, so here it is....

Motor Size - 30cc 'Victa T-20'
Wheel Size - 16"
Scooter type - Bought kids scooter - 'Holstar'
Drive - Spindle
Spindle size - 22mm (but i change it all the time)

Scooter name - 'Lizzie-Jo' (named after g/f)

The scooter is my own design and built by me also.
Engine mounts are bolted to frame not welded.
There was a centrifugal clutch but i seized it up to get more power and control. The clutch system now operates on hinge system that lowers the whole motor and spindle on and off the wheel, which is operated by a clutch lever on the handle bar and also a foot lever on the rear of the foot space area.
Two springs pull the system onto the wheel, and these springs also allow for vibrations in the motor and the road/terrain.

The main problem that i have had with the scooter is that the hinge is constantly breaking. Everytime this happens i have put a new heavier hinge on, and hopefully this time it will fully withstand the load.
Apart from that it goes really well. I have had it at 48 kph, and that is the max (so far)