Larry's Scooter

I have built a beast (its called the:- 199.9999watt SCOOTA) that may be of interest to you.

This thing has taken me approx 3 months to build and is still not finished. I plan to finish it off with a pretty good paint job, some wiring etc etc.LOTS of this scooter have been built here in my garage. Items such as rear wheeel started off as sever hunks of aluminium that I machined on my lathe. The rear disc was a square piece of flat metal, the air filter was totally made from another hunk of aluminium The frame was a scaffold pipe that I shaped and welded. The inlet manifold was machined here in my garage also. goes.

Victa 2 stroke lawnmower engine. Standard exhaust used but mounted on a custom made exhaust manifold.
Carby is a Walbrow off a go-cart.

Centrifugal 11 teeth (half inch chain)

All homemade. Main support is made from scaffold pipe. Aluminium chequer plate is used for where your feet go.
Rear of frame is made of 30mm by 10mm flat steel welded to fit engine.
Rear wheel guard supports petrol tank and has homemade mounting for a Kawasaki starter motor which starts the scooter via a home made one way coupling.

Front stem is made out of scaffold pipe machined to fit 2 bearings for smooth steering.

Front wheel is a 12 inch x 3 inch wheel fitted with roller bearings.

Rear wheel is same diameter as front wheel, however hub is totally home made out of aluminium and machined to fit a 52 tooth sprocket on the left and a home made disc on the right. Full sealed bearings.

Rear disc with motorbike caliper and mastercylinder. No idea what bike each came from. The hydraulic line is custome made from 10mm hydraulic hose.

Starting system:-
It has standard "Victa zip start" complete with decompression valve and also a Kawasaki ZR 400 (I think) starter motor coupled via a starting chain to a one way clutch. (otherwise when the engine starts the starter motor will keep spinning.

Charging system:-
I have used a diode to feed some of the current from the magneto to tricle charge the battery. Works OK so far.

Fuel tank:-
7 litres off a go-cart

Chain guard:-
Homemade to support starter motor and fuel tank. Also has spring support for the scooter stand.

How fast does it go???????? Um around 46KM so far. The engine is not all that well and I would love to hear from anyone on how to make a Victa engine rev past lawnmower speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (approx 3000rpm)