Josh W's Scooter
It's a jd bug with a 22cc McCuloch brushcutter motor
The wheel is driven by a 30mm dia spindle which is mounted where the pullstarter used to be, so all you had to do to start it was push it down the road.
The bellhousing including the clutch has been removed, leaving the flywheel open
I have driven it this way because basically the motor would stick out too much if I droved it through the clutch, plus I think it would slip aswell.
The main problem was tyre wear, and the fact that the wheel were only 100mm scared the hell out of me when I flew past any small rock.
I have since bought a larger "air lite" scooter and have mounted the motor on that, but now I have the need for speed and I am going to get a much bigger motor and probably use a belt drive system.
Oh also the home page for it will be