Josh's Scooter

This is a scooter I found for sale in a local second-hand store.
There were several problems with it, all of them are either design faults, or caused by a design fault.
The gearing on this scooter, indicates to me that the person who built it had no idea whatsoever about gear ratios, or even the 'trial-and-error' process.
Rear wheel: 12 inch steel
Motor sprocket: 11 tooth
Rear wheel chainwheel: 32 tooth
This means that there is a 2.9:1 ratio, not including the fact that the wheel is much bigger than the sprocket
gee, I wonder why the clutch burnt out? :P
That said, the guy at the shop assured me that the previous owner used to 'zip' around town on it frequently --Pigs arse!
The only way you could get the scooter motor to kick in and do some work rather than frying the clutch is to be pushing the thing as fast as you possibly can before you open the throttle....even then I think it would not go too well....

From looking at how the frame was constructed, it was made from a childs 12inch bicycle, and everything was used, rather effectively I might add....
The rear A-frame has just been cut off the bike and some extra pieces have been welded on to it to accomodate the motor. The same with the handlebars.
I would have to admit that the scooter frame is rather well built, but the gearing lets it down.....
Really, all it needs is a new clutch, new throttle cable, and a much bigger gear ratio, and it will be fine.
You could even change it over to go-kart sprockets without too much hastle because its a brushcutter motor.

Anyway, I bought it to sell on Tzi's Scooterworld, and I ended up selling it to Josh, who happens to be in Hawaii. (I am in Australia)
So, after a little bit of hastles, this scooter trundled its way off to across the globe and it currently resides in Honalulu. Not a bad trip for a scooter. :-)
Hopefully I will have some more info on what he has done to it, or intends to do to it soon.