Jims Monster scooter
"without a doubt this is a monster killer and eats gopeds for snacks" --Jim

This scooter was made from frustration of not being able to buy a scooter that would handle off-road with ease, and at a reasonable price
'ease' being the key word here.
This scooter has a 5hp motor on it, thats the same as Rom's scooter, except for the fact that this scooter is for off-road.
Now, thats some serious power for a off-road scooter to have, much more than a Go-ped BigFoot, or even a Martin Monster.
It originally had a 3hp motor on it, but that required a larger (72tooth) sprocket on the rear wheel, which hit the ground when turning.
It now has a 60tooth on the rear wheel, with an 11tooth on the motor, which is about 5.45:1
It is a very simple scooter to build, based on a small kids scooter from a scrapyard, with a few modifications, mainly for the larger wheels.
The brake is a simple foot-operated friction pad, that is spring loaded.