Jermbos's Scooter
Ordinary bicycle type scooter frame that was bought at the local bike shop.
12" bicycle (scooter) tire on the front, 10.5" dollie (refrigerator cart) tire on the back.
the frame was extended about 6 inches to get clearance to mount the engine.
The scooter only has front brakes for now, it does the job but I plan on putting a mountain bike style disc brake setup that I saw at the local bike shop.
I have an 8:1 gear ratio using a 9 tooth sprocket on the engine and a 72 tooth sprocket on the back tire.
I would like to find an 8 tooth sprocket but my shaft on my engine is a half inch spindle and that doesn't give much room for 8 teeth and the bore.
I am using a #35 chain.
The engine is a 40cc homelite from a brushcutter. It has a centrifugal clutch and works very well.
As you can see from the pics, I face mounted the engine and that is the only part that is holding the engine on, it is very strong.
I will send you updates if I get new pics and when I put that disc brake on the back.