Jay C's Scooter

This is my first homemade scooter/bike (I used to have a Mosquito DX) although this certainly wonít be my last.

Frame- Just a little girlís bike frame I picked up at Goodwill for $8 (Iím in the US). It then went through cosmetic changes since I donít think too many motor scooters have pink and purple stars on the tire rims. So I spray painted it black, took off the ugly stars along with some other things (those pads on the handle bars, the chain guard, etc.)

Engine- The engines just a 20cc Echo that I got along with 3 other weedwacker motors on eBay a little while ago. The guy sold them to me for "parts only". Well, I proved him wrong when it fired right up. I just rebuilt the carb and put in a new spark plug, messed with the tuning screws and then it was as good as new.

Drive- The drive train is just the simple spindle method (I used a 1 Ĺ" Mongoose bike peg for mine) but it slipped quite a bit when I put it on alone. So I looked on the message board on your site and found the idea of putting rubber tubing over the spindle and it doesnít slip now, but the rubber tubing isnít lasting which is another problem. Iíll keep on trying some more things.

The throttle was definitely the hardest part. I tried a billion things but ended up crimping a copper round thing (who knows the scientific name) on each side of the throttle linkage on the carb and then duct taping the wire into the linkage so it wouldnít pop out.

The engine mount was fairly easy, I just used 2 pieces of 1/4" aluminum bolted together with 3 bolts (see the pics) with oversized holes drilled for 2 of them so that I can move the engine up and down to adjust the tension of the spindle on the tire.

It goes about 25mph tops but has about the worst acceleration of anything Iíve ever ridden oh well 20cc just isnít enough but Iíll know next time.

You can expect to here from me again soon, Iím gonna start on my next project soon a kid scooter frame` chopped in half then extend the frame to make a stretch limo scooter maybe put a 3-5hp Briggs & Stratton on it.