Gopedfreak's Scooter

Engine- Tanaka-TBC- 215 25cc Engine 85.5 Cu. in.

Wheel Size- 6" Dia. x 2" Width

Scooter type- Know-Ped made into a Go-Ped

Drive type- Direct drive by a bike peg that is 1" Dia. and is 4 1/2" long

Dimensions of brackets- Has a 19 1/2" x 1 1/2" L-Bar/Bracket (on Go-Ped Deck)
The Support Bracket is 1" x 10 3/4"
The Mounting plate has a Length of, 11 1/4" and a Height of, 9"

This looks like a piecer, but it can go at an excess speed of 32 mph!!
This is our second motor we have gone through. The first was a brand new Homelite, but I (Preston) totaled the engine by riding it so much that it ran down on oil and dried out. What is nice about the Tanaka is the fact that it has a centrifugal clutch, and it may not have as much power as the Homlite, but, it has much more speed!!! AHHH!!
What I suggest is going around your neighborhood with at least $45.00 and knock on peoples doors and ask if they don't want a weed-eater motor or something, if they wont give it away for free then make an offer.
made by the "Gopedfreaks"