The Gangsta Nab Racing Concept Scooter

The Gangsta Nab Racing Concept Scooter

After many tries of making a go-kart my friend suggested something more feasible, a "Go-Ped" or motorized scooter. So after some time of figuring out what to do we finally pieced together a way to do it.

We looked at some go peds and they had spindle drive, we didn't know where to get a good friction devise so we just mounted the clutch on the tire.

Using a bent piece of a street sign, door hinge and other stuff, we pieced together a mounting that uses a screw with a butterfly knob on the end, this was used for adjusting tension and worked real well, but had to be adjusted every 30 min.

My scooter that was powered by a 40cc chainsaw engine with a gear ratio of about 5:1 / 4:1 toped off at about 22 MPH in about 150 meters. These were clocked using 12 and inch wheels. Very zippy for me! The speed was clocked by having a car ride belong it and go the same speed.

The downfall of this was the tire tread was gone by the first day, I tried an 8 inch lawnmower tire but that split in half and flew about 20 feet in the air.

Once you get the tread down to a racing slick it stays that way. It couldn't go through sand at all. Don't even ask about water. So I had to go chain drive or belt drive. But before I did that I had to do a smoky burnout, it's not quite so much the tire spinning and burning it's the clutch, quite a scene.

The Conclusion is to DON'T USE THIS METHOD!!! We tried it on my friend's scooter with a 22.5cc eager beaver engine and it went about 15 max. This also damages the clutch, the clutch never gets to high rpms. Sand gets in it and it is not about 1/64 of an inch thick.

Stays looking for stage 2 of this crazy machine, some specs of it are...

Dual chain (jackshaft) one speed transmission, (But the ability to change the gear ratios easily) Main ratio is 9:1

Racing modifation, I love Riced out cars, so I represent this on the go ped, with Sheet metal covering the whole transmission, (Just incase your chain breaks and such) This will also help on the aerodynamics. With Big cool air intakes for the transmission and a HUGE one on the top for the BIG pancake air filter, it will look like the older Muscle cars with the roof scoop,

I will also write a tutorial/guide on how to make these, not plans. Basically just because I've learned so much and these are so much fun to drive and because Ill get extra credit in science.

Final Note, these are the best thing you can possibly make yourself, usually legal on roads, and they gather so much attention!

"The Gangsta Nab Racer"