GledPed's Scooter

motor: 34cc tanaka 373 weed wacker
frame : ozboz scooter (cheepo,stolen) from my mate mark
mounting bracket: fully aluminium with machined steel inserts to stop the whole thing wareing away probably the hardest thing to get right
board&grind plate: board home made by me an mates (evz & lee in a garage buried deep in a secret location in yorkshire uk)
grind plate was original board cut so as to fit underneath
spindle: machined by my mates dad made of lawnmower parts (email me for more info)
paint: cost me a full 12 quid () from local bulls eye store
general waffle:us and the gled-ped got banned from driveing up an down evz's (private) street
goes reel good with no exaust about 22mph with and 28 without puls wheelys and does burnouts (not always when wanted)
very very bad starter and wont go in wet due to metal spindle(awww)

thanks to: tzi and all other websites and rob
p.s. this is what hapens when you get three teenage boys locked in a garage

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