Craig's Scooter

This scooter took me a while to make. i started making one with a victa 2
stroke on it. it was going to belt drivin. But i lost interest in making it.
Only because it will cost me a bit to get the stuff for it.

Then a few months later i got into the mood again. Got a motor from a
mates dads. Fixed it up. Found someone with an old mountion bike, got
the sprocket of that and chain. Brought a old bmx and took the wheel and handle
bar off it.

Welded up a frame. Got the wheel i was going to use for the old one.
Same as Tzi's back wheel on his 2nd scooter.


Motor- 48 or 50cc solo chainsaw motor
sprocket on motor- 9 tooth
sprocket on wheel- 48 tooth(of a moution bike)
Chain driven
Home made frame
Back wheel-same as tzi 2nd scooter
Front wheel-Of a 16inch bike

I had a few problems with it, the tuning of the motor and the spark.

The gear ratio is to high for the motor and it dosnt reach top rev's.
Im designing it like Tzi's 2nd scooter. With the jackshaft.

More to come.....