casey's Scooter
Caseys Scooter Project..

Got a choice of 3 motor sizes..

3 are Tecumseh 2 strokes (from those small snowblowers)

other is a 5 HP Honda (from a bit bigger snowblower)

other is an 8 HP Briggs & Stratton from a HUGE snowblower (gokart trike project for Dad later)

Pics of FREE frame (from the trash) included.. 12" pneumatic wheel in front..

Rob (Dad)
Casey (Son 10)

cutoff rear tubes and added 8" long square tubing at this point (2 days) we are still stripping the snowblowers for engines.
Rear wheel was from a grass-seeder at the dump and we found an old HUFFY MX thick padded seat.
Tubing is from a few old scaffolding frames is 1.25"

Also attached is the purple scooter/minibike

This is what we are shooting for with our project.