Carlo & Jons Creation

This scooter was a short holiday project that speeder and I Attempted to build.

It has a 30cc Weedeater engine from a leaf blower
10inch rear wheel
1 inch spindle
Max speed: 49km/h (with engine warm)

The scooter frame is an ancient piece of junk which could barely hold anybody's weight. We were really strapped for cash and we coudn't really afford a good scooter frame to mount it on!
We had a fat 10inch wheel (I think) lying around, so we put use to it.
We extended the back using electrical "Uni-Strutt" And M8 high tensile bolts.
We had to unwillingly file out a 3/4 inch hole for the axle because we didn't have a 3/4 drill bit ... FUN FUN FUN
The engine had a sprocket welded onto it from a previous attempt to build chain driven scooter.
The sprocket had a hub and a sprocket part (part with the teeth) The two were held together by a "circlip". We just simply removed the circlip and used the hub as a spindle.

Future improvements are, proper accerlerator handle , a bike peg spindle and a bigger fuel tank.

The engine was picked up off the side of the road on hard rubbish collection and restored to working order by me.
It has reasonable acceleration on a flat but hills are a bit of a problem. I am trying to get my hands on a chainsaw engine.