BUD's Scooter
I'm a Canadian, and I'm obsessed with motorizing anything I can get my hands on.
I sort of FRANKENSTIENED a Wal-Mart scooter and an OLD Kawasaki engine together to make my "BEAST".

Here is my Scooter Specs:

Engine: Kawasaki 21.4cc Weedwacker with centrifugal clutch.
I also added a blue Air Intake, new starter cord, Spark Plug, and fuel tubes.
Tires: 12" Scooter Tires
Scooter Type: WAL-MART Special! lol....
This "Scooter" was bought from WAL-MART, then I stripped the UGLY Neon-orange paint and re-did it in Dark Blue.
Then I Re-Greased the tire's axles, and brake cables, cut off the handlegrips and replaced them with sponge ones, Changed the gooseneck
(The wal mart one was crap)....... then I put the whole thing back together again.
Drive Type: Spindal to Tire.
Ratio: 3/4" spindal to 1' Rubber Tire