Brett's Scooter

Bretts scooter looks remarkably similar to my own.
This stems from him trying the friction drive technique, then having a go at the chain drive one.
While doing the chain drive system, he found my page which gave hime some help in finishing it off.
The gear ratio is 77 teeth on the wheel and an 11 on the clutch which is soon to be changed for a 9 tooth.
Both the sprockets and chain are off a racing Go-Kart .
He plans to put brakes on it but at the moment he can`t be stuffed. (Am I a bad influence? -Tzi)
It takes about 150m to get going to about 20km/h then it takes off and builds up to around 45km/h.

If you have any questions about Brett's scooter, you can contact him at

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